Why Norfran Plastics


23 profitable years in the North East’s injection moulding industry, ensuring our customers continuity of supply, continual investment in equipment and an ever improving business


We shape the process around your requirements removing any non essential costs. Our overheads do not include, toolmakers/designers/prototypes (they are paid for individually as required) therefore your only costs are those associated with manufacturing your parts.


We understand how much poor quality can harm our customers. We have new customers every year because of our reputation for excellent quality. Our ISO 9001:2008 systems and manufacturing expertise ensure defect free delivery of millions of components every year. We continue to develop quality throughout the business via a detailed programme of training and improvements.

Customer service

We have no salesmen so when you call us you speak directly to an engineer from the first minute. We can usually provide you with programme management and engineering advice immediately. We provide a local delivery service on a daily basis